Hello, I am Jennifer Dowdell and I am an abstract artist.


I grew up in the suburbs or Buffalo, New York and have spent my professional career in advertising and graphic design. I am a graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts. 

In 2010, I retired from the corporate world to become a caregiver to my parents. After they both sadly passed, I turned my attention to creating works of art. It fills me with joy and fulfills me in a way that my corporate career could not.

If you love old-world patina, rich textures and muted colors like I do, perhaps my art may resonate with you. I have been a collector of vintage ephemera for many years. I love the feel of old books, the grace in handwriting of yesteryear, the beauty in the typography and illustrations of old stock certificates. These are things I crave and covet. 


I primarily create my artwork utilizing acrylic paints and these bits of paper long lost to history. I love the idea of bringing these long ago images and someone's handwritten notes back to life. I enjoy exploring rich textural surfaces and combining media that invites the viewer to enjoy my work from afar as well as all the details up-close through my many layers.

"I enjoy the softer muted tones I find in vintage materials of the past and try to incorporate that feeling into my artwork. I also enjoy playing with textures and colors. I'm not trying to make statements necessarily in my art, but I hope the viewer resonates with something within it."


Recently I was honored both locally and nationally for my artwork, and regularly exhibit my artwork when the opportunity arises. I enjoy being an exhibiting member of the Buffalo Society of Artists.  And I am also an active member of the Western New York Artists Group  serving on its Board of Directors. 

When I'm not painting, I'm enjoying gardening, spending time with my husband, my family, and friends....and riding my Peloton (@perseverence)!!!